Home Health Care

Simply put home health care is home based health care services. This means a wide range of health and health-related services provided to you in the comfort and relaxed environment of your own home.
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Hospice Care

No one wants to live in a hospital, or spend the last months of life away from home. Each day home is an opportunity to spend time with family or friends, enjoy a favorite hobby and more.
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Transition Program

The ProHealth Transition Program provides continuity of care through a transition from the last phases of treatment for terminal illness through Home Health to the palliative focus of Hospice.
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  • Nurse, Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist are excellent and I wished they didn’t have to leave. They are all very detailed and pay very close attention to my needs. I had Home Health before but your company is so much better. She would definitely pick our agency in the future. Very happy with Nurse and how he notices everything!

    Antoinette C.
  • Extremely satisfied and very thankful with the Hospice team that they are there for my mom.

    Dorothy N.
  • Very impressed! OT is helping with getting a hospital bed. Improving with therapy, OT and PT are really great. We are very happy with the care… grateful that the care is working out very well.

    Dessie F.
  • Very helpful in time of need, no problems or complaints. Our team is a God sent. We are very satisfied.

    Lizzie L.

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