Home Health Care

It’s proven fact that people recover faster at home than in a hospital, and that’s why we at ProHealth pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality home-based patient care. Our Home Health program includes a wide range of healthcare, rehabilitation and clinical services to speed up healing and support recovery. At ProHealth, each member of our team has easy access to all your recovery and rehabilitation information so we can provide the best quality care.

We provide these services wherever the patient considers home. In a house, Assisted Living community or skilled nursing facility.

What is Home Health Care?

Simply put home health care is home-based health care services. This means a wide range of health and health-related services provided to you in the comfort and relaxed environment of your own home. Home Health is available for those who:

  • Recovering from surgery, injury or illness
  • Are disabled
  • Have a chronic terminal illness

Home Health Services

Skilled Nursing

  • Intravenous Therapy Disease/ Education
  • Skilled Nursing Assessment and Care Coordination
  • Disease Education/Awareness
  • Wound Care, including Wound V.A.C
  • Infection Control
  • Medication Instruction
  • Ostomy Care
  • Catheter Care
  • Intravenous Blood Draws

Rehabilitation PT, OT, SLP

  • Restore Strength, Endurance, Balance, and Mobility
  • Guidance and Training on Activities of Daily Living
    (i.e. Eating, Dressing, and Bathing)
  • Swallowing Evaluation and Treatment
  • Speech Evaluation and Training
  • Home Safety Evaluations

Medical Social Worker

  • Long and Short-Term Planning
  • Counseling for Patient and/or Family
  • Financial Planning
  • Referrals to Community Resources

Home Health Aides

  • Bathing/Hygiene Assistance
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Light Meal Preparation
  • Assistance with Exercises
  • Ambulation/Transfer Assistance

Registered Dietitian

  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Light Housekeeping

Hospice Care

No one wants to live in a hospital, or spend the last months of life away from home. Each day home is an opportunity to spend time with family or friends, enjoy a favorite hobby and more. ProHealth Hospice Care focuses on life instead of disease so you can face each day with dignity and wellbeing. To us, hospice is about treating patients with dignity and making each patient’s life as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

ProHealth hospice care is a comprehensive and compassionate end of life care that offers physical and emotional support to patients and families. Our dedicated hospice team focuses on care and comfort by managing symptoms, suppressing pain and engaging with our patient’s spiritual needs. This care can significantly improve a patient’s quality of life and lend support and comfort to the patient’s family. The team works in coordination with your primary care physician to develop a hospice care plan that is suited to your individual needs.

Hospice Team

Every patient is cared for by a dedicated hospice team of ProHealth professionals tailored to meet the needs of that patient and family. The interdisciplinary team includes:

Hospice Medical Director
Works with the patient’s attending physician and the hospice team, handling medical components of patient care (including, but not limited to, certification of terminal illness, consultation and overall program evaluation.

Registered Nurse
Case management of the patient and caregiver needs, planning and organizing care and implementing the plan of care.

Social Worker
Provides psychological and emotional assessment of the patient and caregiver. Counsels patient and caregiver regarding death, dying and bereavement.

Hospice Aide
Provides personal, direct hands-on care under the supervision of the Registered Nurse Case Manager.

Spiritual Care Coordinator
Facilitates interaction and direct contact between the community clergy, patient and/or caregiver. Assists patients and caregivers with spiritual issues.

Bereavement Counselors
Provide anticipatory counseling and bereavement support to family and caregivers. They continue to support the immediate family for a year following death.

Volunteer Support Program

Something that makes our hospice care unique is the volunteer support program. The ProHealth Volunteer Support Program provides emotional support and practical assistance that enhances the comfort and quality of life for patients, their families and caregivers. These dedicated volunteers often stay with the patient while the primary caregiver runs errands, does housework or gets some much-needed rest. A majority of our volunteers are the family members of past hospice patients, so they understand how much these simple tasks can help.

Transition Program

The ProHealth Transition Program provides continuity of care through a transition from the last phases of treatment for terminal illness through Home Health to the palliative focus of Hospice. This programs helps ease in patients not yet ready for the idea and reality of hospice. To ensure optimal continuity, the home care nurses who help out are actually nurses from the hospice program.

Being part of the Transition program means access to hospice resources before signing up for hospice – social workers to help the family out, volunteers who can provide relief and practical assistance to the family, bereavement coordinators are available for consultation. The Transition nurses are also able to quickly respond to emergencies.

The Transition program lays the foundation for the eventual transition to hospice. Many patients and families are hesitant. So the transition team can help them ease into it by facilitating appropriate discussions with the patient and family about what to expect with hospice, and emphasize the same team will be guiding them through.

The ultimate decision to transition to hospice is collectively made between the patient, family, nurses, and physician, and is often as a result of a weakening condition and an end to treatments.

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